A Lexicon of Romanian in Finnegans Wake (online publication)

Contemporary Literature Press,
under The University of Bucharest, in permanent conjunction withThe British Council, and The Romanian Cultural Institute,

Announces the publication of 

A Lexicon of Romanian in Finnegans Wake 

by C. George Sandulescu

(ISBN 978-606-8366-04-3)

11. 11. 2011
+ the Eleventh Minute of the Eleventh Hour!


Two pairs of words explain the need for this Rumanian Lexicon ofFinnegans WakeIrish Ruman and Limba romena. Both come from an enigmatic book which is not yet a novel. Finnegans Wake is, however, the most fascinating story about forty languages of the earth coming from one and the same root. It is a challenge to think both back and ahead. When Joyce states that history is a nightmare from which he is trying to awake, he is very far from complaining: actually, he challenges all his readers to follow the researcher’s calling. ReadingFinnegans Wake turns fast into solid linguistic research. As nobody has really „cracked” all the enigmas in this text, the way is still open, and invites curiosity and thought…  Citește în continuare A Lexicon of Romanian in Finnegans Wake (online publication)