"The Romantics" – the ideas beyond showbiz idolatry

BBC offers a passionate investigation of the ideas that shaped the modern world. The writer and historian Peter Ackroyd introduces the Romantics: „They helped to fashion the way in which we all now think and imagine”.
It was a time when freedom was „an alternative way of living”. What it meant then and what it remained today after more than two centuries of Chinese whispers…

The reshaping of social order included a new vision of natural world as an „escape from commerce and industry”. In the age of mechanization, dreaming of a new world includes to „hold infinity in the palm of your hand” (William Blake).

In times of revolution, the fragility of man became a statement, a poetic and spiritual vision. This vision shaped the way we perceive life now.

Ezra Pound and the attack of poetry to being right or being wrong

This fragment of documentary follows the making of great poetry and it’s clash with reality.

„I resolved that at 30 I would know more about poetry than any man living, that I would know what was accounted poetry everywhere, what part of poetry was „indestructible,” what part could not be lost by translation and—scarcely less important—what effects were obtainable in one language only and were utterly incapable of being translated.
In this search I learned more or less of nine foreign languages, I read Oriental stuff in translations, I fought every University regulation and every professor who tried to make me learn anything except this, or who bothered me with „requirements for degrees.”

Salonul de Carte Bookfest Timisoara. Editia I

De joi pana sambata, Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timis (B-dul Eroilor de la Tisa nr. 22) gazduieste prima editie a salonului timisorean de carte Bookfest. Program de vizitare: zilnic, 10.00-20.00 (cu exceptia zilei de joi, 15 martie, cind are loc deschiderea oficiala, la ora 12.00)
Programul evenimentelor si al proiectiilor de film

JOI, 15 martie
Ora 12.00: deschiderea Salonului de Carte BOOKFEST Timisoara, editia I, 2012
Ora 13.00: Lansarea volumului Ultimul canibal. Jurnal de antropolog (Cartea Romaneasca, 2011) de Hanna Bota / Participa: Cornel Ungureanu
Ora 16.00: Lecturi publice din volume aparute in cadrul seriei „Prima data” (Editura Art) / Participa: Robert Serban, Lavinia Balulescu, Radu Pavel Gheo
Ora 17.00: Intilnire cu economistul Daniel Daianu si lansarea volumului Cind finanta submineaza economia si corodeaza democratia (Editura Polirom, 2012) / Participa: Nicolae Taran
Ora 18.00: Lansarea volumelor Atelierele romane de margele de la Tibiscvm de Doinea Benea si Geneza comicului in limba romana de Claudiu T. Ariesan / Participa: Robert Serban, Claudiu T. Ariesan

VINERI, 16 martie
Ora 16.00: „Triade si cartea de arta” – Lansarea celor mai noi titluri aparute la Fundatia Interart Triade / Participa: Sorina Jecza, presedinta Fundatiei Interart Triade
Ora 17.00: Intilnire cu scriitorul Radu Paraschivescu si lansarea volumului Toamna decanei. Convorbiri cu Antoaneta Ralian (Editura Humanitas, 2011) / Participa: Adriana Babeti
Ora 17.30: Lansarea volumului Brief Guide of Timis County de Dinu Barbu (Editura Artpress, 2010) / Participa: Razvan Hrenoschi, Ioan Aurel Laslau, Dinu Barbu
Ora 18.00: Intilnire cu istoricul american Larry L. Watts, autorul volumului Fereste-ma, Doamne, de prieteni. Razboiul clandestin al Blocului sovietic in Romania (Grupul Editorial Rao, 2011) / Participa: Ovidiu Enculescu Citește în continuare Salonul de Carte Bookfest Timisoara. Editia I