Anul de poezie – A treia saptamană

15 ianuarie
1803 – Marjory Fleming, poet scoţian (m. 1811)
1850 – Mihai Eminescu, poet român (m. 1889)
“Numai poetul,
Ca pasări ce zboară
Deasupra valurilor,
Trece peste nemărginirea timpului :
În ramurile gândului,
În sfintele lunci,
Unde pasări ca el
Se-ntrec în cântări.” (sursa )
1891 – Osip Mandelstam, poet rus (m. 1938)
Misery is he whom, like a shadow,
A dog’s barking frightens, the wind cuts down.
Poor is he who, half-alive himself
Begs his shade for pittance. (sursa )
Ţăcănind pe granitul porfirului,
Se tot împiedică bietul căluţ de ţară,
Căţărându-se pe soclul pleşuv
Al răsunătoarei pietre statale (sursa )
1897 – Xu Zhimo, poet chinez (m. 1931)
But as for me, I cannot sing
this muted summer’s evening;
Even insects hush, as silence
plays the flute for leaving. (sursa )
16 ianuarie
1634 – Dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter, poetă norvegiană (m. 1716)
1874 – Robert W. Service, poet canadian (m. 1958)
I was once, I declare, a Stone-Age man,
And I roomed in the cool of a cave;
I have known, I will swear, in a new life-span,
The fret and the sweat of a slave:
For far over all that folks hold worth,
There lives and there leaps in me
A love of the lowly things of earth,
And a passion to be free. (sursa )
1897 – Carlos Pellicer, poet mexican (m. 1977)
1918 – Nel Benschop, poet olandez (m. 2005)
1923 – Anthony Hecht, poet american (m. 2004)
Book-bagged and padded out, at mouth and nose
…….They manufacture ghosts,
…….George Washington’s and Poe’s,
Banquo’s, the Union and Confederate hosts’,
And are themselves the ghosts, file cabinet gray,
…….Of some departed us,
…….Signing our lives away
On ferned and parslied windows of a bus. (sursa )