Turkish summer power clash

My friend, Bariș, Turkish writer sent me this message. The institutions that represent state power abuse citizens.

The political power needs violence in prder to survive. Again.

It will need violence every time it looses it’s reality.

Dear friends,
I would be very glad if all my friends all over the world support us against the violence of the police in Istanbul and let the world know what is happening here just know… These are photographs of just 4 days of the events… Our TV channels which belong to rich companies afraid of the government are totally blind to what is going on, so we are trying to inform the world through internet :
Events started because a few young people protested the government planning to destroy a famous green area named Gezi Park in Istanbul to develop a shopping mall and the police beat them very badly, burn their tents in the park and used tear gas limitlessly, the other day a thousand people gathered in Taksim to protest violence of the police, and the police did the same thing to them, the third day more than ten thousand people protested this violence and the police again used tear gas limitlessly and beat people who can’t protect themselves, many people injured (you can see the pictures below, one is attached also), today much greater number of people are on the streets protesting the violence of the police and the government, but they are still using tear gas, beating people and the government is doing nothing saying that „they are marginal groups who are against the government so they deserve this!” I have many friends beaten who are just teachers, illustrators, authors, computer scientists, students…
I know that you can’t do much but please just let the world know…
For the photographs (it is being updated often) :http://occupygezipics.tumblr.com/
Baris Mustecaplioglu