Ilara Gaspari discused in Bucharest The Art of Podcast

What is the Art of Podcast in contemporary approach to literature

The International Literature Festival Odessa in Bucharest hosted a meeting with Ilaria Gaspari about The Art of Podcast.

She developed an entire podcast on the presence of Ingeborg Bachmann in the late days of her life in Rome. Ilaria Gaspary is interested in philosophy and literature. The Ingeborg Bachmann podcast is the second one that we know of from Ilaria Gaspari. The first one was about Marcel Proust.

The whole discussion you can check in the link below.

The discussion allows you a glimpse into the process that transforms a writer from a figure that we usually close in a bottle and look at as an aesthetic object, to an individual whom we are in a close relationship with, we love through their writing and we are discovering all these details from their lives in ways that recalibrate our own lives.

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