A poetry film with Frank O’Hara

„USA: POETRY, FRANK O’HARA” is a film from 1966. It was shot on 16mm and lasts 15 minutes. Richard O. Moore directed this (courtesy Thirteen/WNET New York, Richard O. Moore and the Estate of Frank O’Hara). It is a part of „COOL MAN IN A GOLDEN AGE”, Alfred Leslie’s Selected Films from LUX.

O’Hara speaks with the painter Alfred Leslie and reads poetry:
00:1501:46 „Mozart Chemisier”
09:5011:30 „Fantasy Dedicated to the Health of Allen Ginsberg”
11:3013:00 „The Day Lady Died”
13:0513:48 „Song” (Is it dirty / Does it look dirty)
13:5015:51 „Having a Coke with You”

At one moment the two walk on Brodway and they pass 23rd Street, than 21st (as shown here). As the building at 791, where O’Hara lived was replaced, the walk is one of the things that we can repeat today.


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