Romanian writers on writing

„Romanian Writers on Writing”was published very recently by Trinity University Press

The collection Manea has edited of Romanian Writers on Writing (2011) is one of those books that opens up a whole world that overflows the banks of the present nation of Romania. It’s a world previously unavailable to all who must wait for translations into English. We have had bright flashes of that world in the amazing work of those who left Romania during the twentieth century and found readers and audiences elsewhere—driven out or voluntarily withdrawing from that oppressed place—including Paul Celan, E. M. Cioran, Eugene Ionesco, Mircea Eliade, Andrei Codrescu, and Manea himself (to say nothing of the artists Constantin Brancusi and Saul Steinberg, the pianists Dinu Lupati and Radu Lupu, the composer Georges Enescu). Only a few Romanian poets have been translated into English, among them Tudor Arghezi, Ion Caraion, and Benjamin Fondane (who wrote in French). Now Manea’s edited collection of Romanian writings on writing give us a fuller sense of how much we are missing. from The Center for the Writing Arts

Norman Manea (editor)
Sanda Cordoş (editor)
Carla Baricz (translator)
Raluca Manea (translator)

Trinity University Press

Series: The Writer’s World | Publication Date: 2011 | 336 p. in 8º

ISBN-10: 1595340823 | ISBN-13: 978-1595340825

Vanity doubled by vitality, vulnerability mixed in with force, and the fear of dissolution intimately linked with the desperate pride of defeating historical time confer upon Romanian literature a special tension, born from wandering and threat. The 81 writers gathered in Romanian Writers on Writing explore this unsettling tension and exemplify the powerful, polyphonic voice of their country’s complex literature. The Writer’s World series features writers from around the globe discussing what it means to write, and to be a writer, in other countries. The series collects a broad range of material and provides access for the first time to a body of work never before gathered in English, or, perhaps, in any language.

Table of Contents

Preface xi
Norman Manea
Introduction 1 (7)
Sanda Cordos
„The Personality of the Creator”
8 (1)
Mihai Eminescu
„To My Critics”
9 (3)
From „Some Opinions”
12 (6)
Ion Luca Caragiale
From „Letter”
14 (2)
Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
16 (2)
From „Autobiography”
Tudor Arghezi
„Cuts on the Arm of the Pen”
18 (3)
21 (1)
George Bacovia
21 (2)
From Adrian Zografi
23 (4)
Panait Istrati
From „Remember”
27 (3)
Mateiu I. Caragiale
From „Confessions”
30 (4)
Liviu Rebreanu
From Procrustes’ Bed
34 (4)
Camil Petrescu
„To My Readers”
38 (1)
Lucian Blaga
38 (1)
39 (2)
„Notes from a Literary Confession”
41 (3)
Ion Barbu
„It Evenings”
44 (1)
Tristan Tzara
„Introduction to Don Quixote”
45 (2)
From „A Few Wild Words”
47 (6)
Benjamin Fundoianu
Benjamin Fondane
„On Writing and Writers”
53 (5)
Mircea Eliade
From „The Curse of Writing”
58 (4)
Mihail Sebastian
From The Lucent Den
62 (5)
Max Blecher
From „An Inner Daimon”
67 (3)
Octav Sulutiu
From „When I Write”
70 (5)
Eugene Ionesco
Eugen Ionescu
From „Advantages of Exile”
75 (4)
E.M. Cioran
„Tragedies That Must Occur”
79 (3)
Gherasim Luca
From White of the Bone
82 (2)
Gellu Naum
From God Was Born in Exile
84 (3)
Vintila Horia
„Not to forget …”
87 (4)
Ion D. Sirbu
„Partisan of the Erotical Absolute”
91 (1)
Paul Celan
„Perhaps One Day”
91 (3)
„Assyriology (The Library of Clay Books)”
94 (5)
Alexandru Sever
From „The Writer and the Word”
99 (4)
Marin Preda
From The Syllable Hatter
103 (3)
Ion Caraion
From „The Team Passing through the World”
106 (5)
Constantin Toiu
„The Immigration Department”
111 (3)
Nina Cassian
„Cognitio Incogniti”
114 (7)
Petru Dumitriu
„The Noble Fool of Totality”
121 (3)
Leonid Dimov
„The Second Love”
124 (2)
Octavian Paler
„Ill from Unwritten Books”
126 (3)
Radu Petrescu
From „Wanda, or the Interpretation Syndrome”
129 (5)
Mircea Horia Simionescu
From „My Art Was Born from Fear”
134 (2)
Radu Cosasu
From „The Text Writes Itself”
136 (3)
Mircea Ivanescu
From „My Soul, Psyche”
139 (2)
Nichita Stanescu
„The Poet, Like the Soldier”
141 (3)
„Prisoner or Master of Language?”
144 (5)
Nora Iuga
„Why Do I Write? What Do I Believe In?”
149 (5)
Nicolae Breban
From Writing and Reading or Vice Versa
154 (5)
Matei Calinescu
159 (1)
Florin Mugur
„The Dance with the Book”
160 (1)
„That Which Remains”
161 (2)
From „The Colors of the Rainbow”
163 (2)
Paul Goma
From „The Raft on the Crest of the Wave”
165 (4)
George Balaita
„How to Be a Fakir”
169 (1)
Marin Sorescu
„House under Surveillance”
170 (2)
„Praise of the Anonymous”
172 (3)
Dumitru Tepeneag
From „Existence Starts to Gain Density”
175 (2)
Cezar Baltag
From Letter to Lucian Raicu
177 (3)
Emil Brumaru
From „The Story of a Title”
180 (3)
Virgil Duda
From „Fear of Literature”
183 (4)
Ana Blandiana
From „Literature as Religion and Fear”
187 (2)
Gabriela Adamesteanu
189 (1)
Virgil Mazilescu
„honey on the tongue”
190 (2)
From „To Write”
192 (6)
Gabriela Melinescu
198 (1)
Andrei Codrescu
From „Toward a Liberal Grammar”
199 (3)
Stefan Agopian
„Horizontal Man”
202 (3)
Mircea Nedelciu
205 (4)
Ioan Petru Culianu
From „I Am Always Behind”
209 (3)
Alexandra Vlad
From The Body Knows More
212 (3)
Gheorghe Craciun
„The Art of Seduction”
215 (1)
Floarea Tutuianu
„La femme poison”
216 (2)
„The Poetry of the Everyday”
218 (4)
Alexandra Musina
„The Ladder”
222 (1)
Marta Petreu
„Night Letter to Tame My Beloved”
222 (4)
„Life Undone by Poetry”
226 (1)
Ion Muresan
„The Poem That Cannot Be Understood”
226 (3)
„I Am Not So Sure”
229 (5)
Magda Carneci
„Kitty (or the Great Fear has come)”
234 (2)
Mariana Marin
„A Giant Drop of Water Reflecting a Chimera”
236 (4)
Mircea Cartarescu
„To Write in Despair”
240 (3)
Razvan Petrescu
„The Falling Crumbs”
243 (1)
Matei Visniec
„Like Clothes Grown Too Large”
243 (3)
From „The Power of Words”
246 (4)
Carmen Firan
„`Madness’ and the Art of Writing”
250 (4)
Bogdan Ghiu
From „Gruelingly Squeezed Light”
254 (4)
Cristian Popescu
„The Flooded Submarine”
258 (2)
Ruxandra Cesereanu
„The Pact with Yourself: Opus or Life?”
260 (2)
Simona Popescu
„Writing and the Culinary Predilections of My Grandfather”
262 (6)
Filip Florian
„How Should I Write?”
268 (3)
Florina Ilis
„The Path to the Other”
271 (5)
Doina Ioanid
„How I Did Not Become a Genius”
276 (4)
Dan Lungu
From „The Secret Code: Notes for a Literary Confession”
280 (7)
Bogdan Suceava
„Our Special Envoy”
287 (5)
Florin Lazarescu
„A Sort of Jogging”
292 (3)
Ana Maria Sandu
295 (8)
Lucian Dan Teodorovici

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