The Art of Podcast with Ilaria Gaspari and Răzvan Țupa, on Sunday, live at 11.00 am. in the International Literature Festival Odessa at Goethe Institut Bucharest

There we go, Sunday, February 25th, 11 am:
The Art of Podcast
Ilaria Gaspari [I]: CHEZ PROUST / BACHMANN
Since October 2023, the Milan-born writer has been publishing her literary podcasts on works by well-known writers in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum Rome and the Goethe-Institut Italy. The compositions of memories, quotations, excerpts and poems, some of which are original recordings of readings, also include a search for traces of Ingeborg Bachmann’s life in Rome.
Moderation: Razvan Tupa from CitEști

Language: English
This event can be watched online on YouTube or Facebook:

For Italian writer Ilaria Gaspari, known for her passion for podcasts dedicated to the works of famous writers, this year’s Odessa International Festival is an opportunity to remember the horrors of the two world wars: “I am coming to Bucharest thinking of two great European authors who lived in different historical moments, but were both touched by the consequences of one of the two world wars. I am thinking of Marcel Proust, who witnessed the collapse of his childhood, whose inexorable decline he had already observed and recorded, with the outbreak of the First World War. Then, my thoughts turn to Ingeborg Bachmann, who in her Austrian childhood experienced the trauma of the Nazi devastation and who would search throughout her life for a way to live in a historical moment in which the self is no longer submerged in history, but history is in the self.”

“It is not a weapon, because literature does not destroy; and it is indeed unequipped and vulnerable in the face of war, but it has the collective force of a voice that transmits words and thoughts. It is not a form of escape, but an open refuge, that is, open as a protection against horror,” added the beloved Italian writer.
Festival activities are held in English, Ukrainian, German and Romanian, with translation. Public access to the event is free of charge.

Is literature an escape? A voice? Or a weapon?

Founded in 2015, the International Literature Festival Odessa aims to highlight the cultural effervescence and international character of the city and to contribute to strengthening its ties with other cultural metropolises in Europe and on other continents. In 2023, ILFO is organized in Bucharest, Romania. The program of each edition expresses this aim, both through the selection of guest writers and the dialogues. Of particular importance in the architecture of the festival’s program is the overview of the cultural space of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region. So far, almost 300 writers have taken part in the events of the Odessa International Literature Festival. Hans Ruprecht and Ulrich Schreiber have been running the festival since its creation.

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