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Central and Eastern European Gathering and Reading in Budapest

Are we able to express and unravel our personal and common traumas? How do we utilize and how do we exploit them? What are the successes and failures of contemporary Central and Eastern European literature: what does it withhold and what does it try to talk about? What are the common points and differences of the attempts of answers on the experiences of traumas between young thinkers writing in Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian and Hungarian?

Questions rising along the topic of traumas on the personal and community level will be attempted to be answered with our guests on a two-day international gathering organized by the Association of Young Writers – Central and Eastern European writers, poets and thinkers introduce themselves to the Budapest audience on 14-15th February in the alternative cultural centre Fogas Ház. Talks and readings will be followed by the traditional Fényírás (Lightwriting) party of the Association with installations and screenings inspired by the works of the invited artists.

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