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Anul de poezie: saptamanile 13 & 14

săptămânile 13 & 14

27 martie

1746 – Michael Bruce, poet scoţian (d. 1767)

1883 – Marie Under, scriitoare estoniană, reprezentanta cea mai importantă a unei direcţii sentimentale în poezia feminină estoniană din prima jumătate a secolului XX (d. 1980)

1797- Alfred Victor de Vigny, scriitor francez (d. 1863)

1901 – Kenneth Slessor, poet australian remarcat printre autorii care au integrat instrumentele moderniste ale poeziei în literatura australiană (d. 1971)

In Melbourne, your appetite had gone,
Your angers too; they had been leeched away
By the soft archery of summer rains
And the sponge-paws of wetness, the slow damp
That stuck the leaves of living, snailed the mind,
And showed your bones, that had been sharp with rage,
The sodden ectasies of rectitude.

1923 – Louis Simpson, poet jamaican(d. 2012)

1926 – Frank O’Hara, poet american, unul dintre cei mai importanţi reprezentanţi ai şcolii de la New York (d. 1966)

Now when I walk around at lunchtime I have only two charms in my pocket an old Roman coin Mike Kanemitsu gave me and a bolt-head that broke off a packing case when I was in Madrid the others never brought me too much luck though they did help keep me in New York against coercion but now I’m happy for a time and interested


1963- Quentin Tarantino, regizor american

28 martie

1868 – Maxim Gorky, autor rus (d. 1936)
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