Unpublished poem by Philip Larkin broadcasted by BBC

larkin and Betty Mackereth

Actor and comedian David Walliams is a great admirer of Philip Larkin’s poetry. To mark the 25-year anniversary of the poet’s death he talks to former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, who wrote a widely acclaimed biography of Larkin, about why he finds this poetry so appealing.
Here they discuss the four-line poem Administration

Philip Larkin Larkin died in December 1985 at the age of 63. A newly-discovered poem by Philip Larkin was heard for the first time on a BBC TV documentary about his relationship with his secretary, „Philip Larkin and the Third Woman”

Unknown tapes of Larkin were pubicised three years ago. Sky News presented a piece at that time.

For those of you who ask themselves why is Larkin important, the BBC interview made by another well known British author, John Betjeman with Larkin in the 60’s can provide an answer.

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