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Razvan Tupa‘s poetry collections include Fetish andRomanian Bodies. He has worked as a journalist, and has edited the magazines Versus-Verso and Cuvantul. He is based in Bucharest, Romania.” writes Deborah Kalb
Q: What are you working on now?
A: I was very glad to have been selected by OMI for the Ledig House residency this fall, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York(RCINY) in order to write an essay on Poetics of Relations, as developed sinceEdouard Glissant set the basis of the poetry which is trying to escape the stereotypes stuck with poetry since Romanticism.
I also have a series of poems that I have started to develop this year, inspired byConstantin Brâncuşi, the seminal Romanian modern artist, who became famous in New York in the ‘20s. At that point, his aesthetics was brought to trial in order to legally establish if modern art was Art, or Industry.
I’ve passed one week here, at Ledig House, and the writers I’ve met here are extraordinary. They have proved very supportive, not only in daily activities, but also as I am keeping an eye on the „Save Roşia Montană” protests in Romania, against cyanide use in gold mining and against fracking.
Q: Anything else we should know?
A: I will be in New York City by the end of my residency at OMI. I will be reading my poetry from the „Romanian Bodies” series at Bowery poetry club, onNovember 4 at 9pm for an entire evening sponsored by RCINY. The next day, RCINY will be hosting talks and presentations on the topic of contemporary poetry.
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