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New Europe Writers: Bucharest Tales – free online pdf

Press Release Bucharest, Friday 18 April 2014

Online Publication
Contemporary Literature Press,
under The University of Bucharest, in conjunction with The British Council, The Romanian Cultural Institute, and The Embassy of the Republic of Ireland,

Announces the publication of

New Europe Writers
Bucharest Tales
ISBN 978-606-8592-48-0

Edited by Lidia Vianu

Life behind the Curtain…

Contemporary Literature Press is publishing now a second volume in the series New Europe Writers. The first one was the three-language volume Warsaw Tales, which the graduate students of the MA Programme for the Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text translated into Romanian. It appeared in English, Romanian and Polish. Bucharest Tales, which becomes available to online readers now, was sub-edited, proofread, illustrated and partly translated into English by graduates of the same MA Programme.

The series New Europe Writers began in 2005, and already has five books: Tales from Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest, Budapest and Ljubljana. It was started by John a’Beckett (born in Australia, living in Warsaw), James G. Coon (born in the United States, having lived for ten years in Poland, currently located in Bangkok), and Andrew Fincham—English poet. Citește în continuare New Europe Writers: Bucharest Tales – free online pdf