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Poetic caligraphy


The lines of calligraphers have neither beginning nor end as they constantly link and unlink. The calligrapher’s work lies in search of the absolute; his aim is to penetrate the sense of truth in an infinite movement so as to go beyond the existing world and thus achieve union with God.– Salah al-Ali (quotes in Musee d’art et d’histoire. “Islamic Calligraphy: Sacred and Secular Writings”. Catalog of an exhibition held at the Musee d’art et d’histoire, Geneva and other locations 1988-1989, p. 30)Calligraphers were dedicated to their work. David James writes in Sacred and Secular Writings (1988, p.22) that calligraphers often wrote, not at a small table but seated on the floor, holding the paper on their knees and supporting it with a piece of cardboard. Calligraphers had to be trained from a young age, sometimes from childhood; they studied examples called mufradat which had the letters of the alphabet written out singly and in combination with other letters.The great calligraphers could write perfectly even without the proper tools and materials. Although a calligraphic master might be deprived of the use of his preferred hand either as a punishment or in the battle field, he would learn to write equally well with his other hand. When the other hand failed him, he would astound his admirers by using his mouth or feet to hold the pen.An aspiring scribe would observe his predecessors’ art very carefully. To perfect his touch, sharpen his skills, and find a style of his preference, the scribe would imitate the masters of calligraphy with a diligent hand. Welch (1979, p. 34) cites the following quote from the Sultan Ali’s treatise on calligraphy:Collect the writing of the masters,Throw a glance at this and at that,For whomsoever you feel a natural attraction,Besides his writing, you must not look at others,So that your eye should become saturated with his writing,And because of his writing each of your letters shouldbecome like a pearl.de AICI

atelierelationale se muta cu tine

Sambata de la ora 17.00, va astept in spatiul de evenimente din libraria Diverta de la Plaza (bd. Timisoara intersectia cu str Brasov) pentru o prezentare a formulei de eveniment cu care mergem mai departe si pentru a spune parerea ta despre felul in care ai vrea sa fie intalnirea ta saptamanala de poezie.


Atelierul se deschide prin aceasta edite si mai mult spre cei care doresc sa isi prezinte poezia si sa aleaga poezia care l-a influentat.

Dupa 12 editii in care am invitat scriitori si autori ai zilei, atelierele se deschid spre dezbaterea dinamica in care tu ai rolul principal. Vom avea in continuare autori invitati dar, asa cum la ultima intalnire a gasit si Mihail Galatanu, aceste evenimente sunt o ocazie sa vezi in ce fel este asumat acest domeniu poetic de fiecare dintre cei care participa.

Libraria Diverta din Plaza Romania este gazda Atelierelationale sambata de la 17.00.

poezia in publicitate sau poezie si comert pana la sani si versuri

Niste voci, niste clasici care sunt pusi sa promoveze blugi, apoi niste poezie pusa la treaba in reclame. si tot asa pana cand totul devine serios.
[latter edit] Mi-a placut atunci cand am pus astea ca un poet care lucreaza in publicitate a vazut din toata povestea doar faptul ca prima e o parodie. Si a tinut sa imi atraga atentia. Da, prima e parodie, dar restul sunt pe bune… poti?
chiar, tu cu ce poezie ai face reclama, si la ce?



Whitman cu propria lui voce Continuare