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Rise like Lions: Occupy- some stories that made a free documentary

A documentary on occupy movements all around the World and in NY.

Occupy yourself

This is public space but who is the public?
This is the power of the people but who is the people?
This is the decision of the majority, but who is the majority?

Just being contemporaries with ourselves
bringing the „Y” again in front of „our”

Tetsu Inoue – Magnetic Field
Brent Lewis – Scratching Hzde
Medeski Martin & Wood – Satan’s
Church of Hypnotized Logic (Bill Laswell Remix)
Yann Tiersen – L’apres Midi
Mogwai – Auto-Rock
Bach – Air on the G String
Sam Cooke – A Change is gonna Come
Saul Williams – List of Demands
Beethoven – Symphony No.9 in D minor
The Rogues – Bonnie Portnoy
The Manic Street Preachers – If you tolerate this then your children will be next